Monday, July 20, 2009

What I like...Country Tins

I took advantage of working in Salt Lake City, Utah, this week and booked a stay at Robert Redford's Sundance Resort for the next few days. It's been simply wonderful to decompress and take in nature at one of the most beautiful resorts in North America.

I happened upon these hanging vintage tin milk cans from Farmhouse Wares, which fit perfectly with my mood. I can't wait to use them for one of my weddings. They are simply sweet and make unique, rustic centerpieces. And the fun doesn't stop there. They're perfect for stylish storage in the home, whether they're repurposed to hold tools, pens, keys, or other odds and ends. How perfectly green!

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  1. I found some natural catastrophys with google-earth! There are alot more photos but those are my favourite,

    I hope you enjoy ;)