Monday, August 31, 2009

Inspiration Board: Fall Sienna, Honey, & Creme

Inspiration board created by Besty White.

Burnt Sienna, honey yellow and warm brulee
are beautiful transitional colors from Summer into Fall.

Mood: Warm, Romantic, Rustic

Get the look: The Bride and Bridesmaids: The bride in a warm ivory gown. To add drama to the wedding gown add a sienna sash. The brides bouquet is sienna colored peonies. The bridesmaids would look stunning wearing shades of sienna and honey yellows. Delicate ivory blooms give the bridesmaids a monochromatic look.

The groom and groomsmen
: The groom and groomsmen wear chocolate brown suits, with vintage ties. A mini ivory boutonniere for the groom, sienna and honey boutonniere's for the groomsmen.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Traditions - Mehndi (Henna)

Weddings in India are considered to be a sacred and sanctified ritual. A typical Indian wedding is 3 days long. Pre-celebrations and post celebrations, talk about a party! The Mehndi is one of the most important and fun pre-wedding rituals. Celebrated by the bride, family and her friends. Different regions of the country celebrate the ritual in a different way according to their own marriage customs, rituals, and culture.

Image Via Hocus Pocus

Mehndi or Henna itself is eco-friendly. It is a natural tattoo paste, made from the roots of the Henna plant. Green Mehndi is ground to a fine paste. Mehndi is symbolically an important part of the Indian wedding. As Mehndi changes its colour from green to orange-red after application, so does a bride flower into her womanhood after marriage.

Image Via GV Herb Shop

Here's a great article from I Love Indian on the Mehndi ceremony.

The ceremony is mostly held at bride's place or sometimes in a banquet hall on the eve of the marriage ceremony or few days before the marriage. On this occasion a professional henna designer or some relative applies mehendi to the bride's hands and feet. There are few places in India where it is a ritual that the first motif of henna or mehendi is applied by the bride's sister-in-law whereas there are some places where the first mehendi motif is said to be auspicious if applied by bride's mother.

The Mehendi or henna motif is not only the adoration of the bride rather it epitomizes her transformation from a virgin girl to a temptress for her husband. As per Kama Sutra, henna is one of the sixty four arts of women. Popular motifs of the bridal mehendi are conchshell, flowers, Kalash, peacock, doli and baraat patterns. The intricate motifs of the bridal henna also hide the husband's name. It is said that the husband's name in the intricate henna motifs is made for the groom who has to find out his name in his bride's mehendi as an evidence of his sharp eyes and active brain to impress his girl.

Mehendi function is usually organized with the sangeet function. So, it has a festive feel to it with the women dancing and singing traditional songs on the mehendi ritual. The bride is dressed in light color clothes with light jewelry. According to the custom the bride must not step out of the house after the mehendi ritual until the wedding day. It is believed that the darker and deeper the henna stains the more the husband and the in-laws will love her bride. The ritual of mehendi signifies the strength and power of love in a marriage so it is regarded good omen for the would-be bride. It is said that the long the bride retains the mehendi, the more auspicious would be her future.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DYI... Another Great Rustic Centerpiece

I found these simple rustic candle centerpieces at Once Wed. Perfect for a fall wedding!

What you will need:

· slice of wood ( 11′ diam x 2.5′ h)
· glass cylinder vases ( 11′h, 9′h, 6′h x 3.5′ diam) you can find these at
Jo-Ann Fabrics, Michael’s Crafts, and Hobby Lobby
· pillar candles ( 3 varying heights to fit in each vase)
· ribbon & yarn
· fabric, wood, or dried flowers
· double sided tape
· scissors


1. Cut 3 pieces of ribbon/yarn (one arms length per piece). Wrap each vase with ribbon/yarn. Attach ends of ribbon/yarn with double sided tape to surface of vase. I chose to wrap with a knobby yarn, satin ribbon, and grosgrain ribbon to create a variety of textures. I also wrapped the ribbon/yarn at different heights on each vase to create more interest.

2. Attach fabric/wood/dried flower to a piece of ribbon and tie around tallest vase.

3. Insert pillar candles into vases. arrange cluster of vases on wood slice, keeping the sides with the tape facing the center.

4. Arrange fabric/wood/dried flowers on wood slice around the vase cluster. Light the candles and enjoy your rustically elegant centerpiece!

FYI: The wooden flowers shown are no longer available for purchase. I would suggest creating fabric flowers or heading to a local craft store and picking up some dried botanicals. If you are interested in creating these centerpieces in large numbers, I would suggest ordering the vases in bulk.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fashion Friday...Joan Holloway Drives Men Mad

To celebrate the third season of Mad Men, I'll be creating inspiration boards based on my favorite female characters. This week's inspiration is the saucy, sex kitten Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks), the office manager who turns men's heads. Her form-fitting dresses emphasize Joan's curvaceous figure. She's a force to be reckoned with in the office, and in my opinion is the sexiest woman on television.

Joan's look: Simple silhouettes that emphasize the waist but never show cleavage.
Captain Pin Up Dress

Steve Madden Trinitie Shoes

Gold Bracelet Watch- Just Cavalli

Couture Love Knot Earrings
$28 -

Loop Rope Necklace

Red Wool Dinner Dress

Liz Claiborne Pencil Skirt

Hermes Vintage Red Leather Handbag

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Free Wedding Photos from Nina Brav Photography

Nia Brav is choosing one lucky couple for a for a free wedding package (valued at $3,000). The package includes engagement photos, 10 hour wedding coverage + assistant/second shooter, 12x12 coffee table album, wedding DVD slideshow, and much more.

View Nina's recent wedding of Jacquelien & Arthur.
She captured the vintage chic look beautifully. To see more photos from Nina Brav, please visit her website and blog. Nina lives in Los Angeles and spends summers in Hawaii shooting weddings.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2009 Fall Color Fashion Report

With Fall right around the corner we move from bright, vibrant colors to the rich, deep hues of Autumn. Here's Pantones color forecast for Fall!

Colors - Top Row: iron, purple heart, majolica blue, American beauty, honey yellow
Bottom Row:
rapture rose, burnt sienna, warm olive, nomad, crème brulee

For the next couple months I'll feature inspiration boards with these color combinations. Feel free to share your inspiration boards with us!

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Inspiration Board: Sea Coral

With the last days of summer upon us, red sea coral creates a perfect balance between summer and fall. Deep red can be paired with several colors. Some of my favorites are chocolate brown, aqua and cream.

There are no two pieces of coral alike. Just like no two events are alike!

Images Via French Blue
1st row; Flowergirl Dress Etsy, French Blue, Frame
2nd row; French Blue, Instyle, French Blue
3rd row; Shoes Roger Vivier, Ring Mesi Jilly, Silverware French Blue

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ban Do, Can Do...Hair

Sorry I didn't have a chance to post Fashion Friday. But, I've made it make up today with these ultra hip hair accessories from, via Junebug Loves. Jen and Jamie two stylists from Los Angeles also create amazing belts, corsages, and collars. I'm heading over to pick up some band and collars for the fall!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Traditions - Japanese Sake Sharing

Image Via

A traditional custom in Japan, and among many Japanese Americans include the “san-san-kudo” sake sharing tradition, which translates to “three sets of three sips equal nine.” Three is an indivisible number, and it is considered a sacred number in Buddhism.

Image Via The Knot

The groom starts with the smallest of three cups and takes three sips from the cup and then the bride follows. After the groom proceeds with the middle size cup taking again three sips and then goes to the large cup, and the bride follows the same system. At the end of the sharing of sake toast ceremony the families of both bride and groom drink a cup of sake to signify not only the union of bride and groom but also the unity of two families.

DYI...Wedding Cup Cake Stand

These cupcake stands from Once Wed are sublime for a vintage wedding or baby shower. Can you believe they're made from terra cotta pots?

What You’ll Need:

2 terra cotta saucers (I used a 7” and a 10” saucer, but you can use any size you like)

2 terra cotta rose pots (The pots I used are 5” and 6” high. You can use any size as long as they are taller than the height of your cupcake and frosting.)

2 yards ribbon (or what ever it takes to make it around the circumference of your saucer)

Decorative or scrap book paper

Acrylic paint

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Sponge paint brush




Terra cotta pots are available at most nurseries and home and garden stores.

Cupcakes shown are available at Hello, Cupcake in Tacoma, WA


1. Begin by painting both sides of your terra cotta saucers and only the outside of the terra cotta rose pots with your acrylic paint and sponge brush (see figure one and two). Paint a second coat if needed.

2. Allow the paint to dry completely.

3. Turn the saucers upside down and glue the bottom of the rose pots to the back side of the saucers using your hot glue gun. Use a generous amount of glue. (see figure 3)

4. When the glue has dried, turn your cake stands right side up and carefully glue your ribbon to the edge of your saucers. (see figure 4)

5. Cut two circles out of your paper to line the inside of the saucers. (see figure 5)

6. Stack stands and arrange your cupcakes.


2 terra cotta saucers $7

2 terra cotta rose pots $3

acrylic paint $2.50

2 yards ribbon $4

1 sheet paper $1.50

Total = $18 for two stands

Project created by Laurie Cinotto,

Friday, August 7, 2009

Fashion Fridays: Breakfast at Tiffany's

Breakfast at Tiffany's solidified Audrey Hepburn as one of the fashion icons of her time. The little black dress is a staple in every woman's closet, from black tie events to weddings, and even the occasional trip to Tiffany's.

D & G Shift Dress
Lucre Sunglasses $150 -
Black South Pearl Earrings $5,600 -

Erickson Beamon Necklace $1,017 -
Bottega Veneta Satin Clutch $1,078 -

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jet Set: Rustic Eco Chic - Sundance Resort, Utah

Image Via
The Sundance Resort is perfect for a chic, rustic destination wedding or honeymoon anytime of the year. The atmosphere is romantic, yet the area is an adventure playground. Winter is perfect for skiing and snowboarding, and the rest of the year you can hike, bike, horseback ride, even kayak down the river. If you're not the adventurous type, don't worry. You can relax at the spa or unleash your creative side at the art shack workshop. The restaurants offer 5 star dining and terrific wine lists.

Sundance has several areas to hold a ceremony and reception. My favorite area for the reception is the Rehearsal Hall. It holds up to 250 guest and has a beautiful view of the pond.

Sundance Resort has a long standing history of Green policies, dating back to the property's original purchase (1969).

Guests who stay at Sundance can participate in our linen re-use program, saving water, energy and waste. All Sundance rooms are cleaned using non-toxic cleaning supplies, and rooms are stocked with natural products from Sprout Out, as well as Sundance’s own organic soaps made in the Art Shack.

Both visitors and lodging guests get to participate in our resort-wide recycling program. Sundance Resort has its own glass works kiln. Glass bottles are not only recycled, but turned into decorative art and housewares, for use around the property. Sundance uses hybrid vehicles on property to promote the conservation of energy and lessening of polluting emissions.

Sundance Resort mountain staff implement ongoing mitigation projects each year aimed at restoring the mountain to its natural state by working to eliminate noxious weeds on the mountain, laying erosion blankets and restoring vegetation where seasonal land use has altered the terrain.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Green Beauty Guide

We all want to look flawless on our wedding day, or at least close to flawless. But most of us don't consider what's in the products we put on our skin. Conventional products claim to smooth wrinkles, tighten skin, give you luxurious hair, but they contain harmful and toxic chemicals. What's a green girl to do? Well fortunately The Green Beauty Guide, by Julie Gabriel has decipher labels on every cosmetic product you pick up. You'll avoid toxic and damaging chemicals with her detailed Toxic Ingredients List.

Become a cosmetic guru. You'll learn how to make your own beauty products that feed your skin, save your bank account, and are healthy for your body and the environment.

Check out Julie's website